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JET has the largest transportation team in Macau to offer unparalleled transportation management services that ensure your goods reaching its destination with the utmost efficiency and speed.

Through our GPS-based transportation management system, our deliveries are planned in advance, closely monitored and flexibly adjusted to ensure the most time-efficient route is chosen. We employ the largest in-house transportation team in Macau with GPS-equipped trucks and vans, including general trucks, temperature control trucks etc.

Local Transportation

Store delivery
A dedicated team to deliver your goods according your pre-defined schedule and can perform centralized distribution to send the specified goods to each of your stores.


Home delivery
From placement of advanced phone calls to end-customers in confirming delivery schedules, special packaging of products to installation of products at customer's home, Jet has a truly personalized and one-stop approach to deliver your goods to your customers.

Macau Online Express Delivery 澳門上門送貨

Our delivery services include:

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