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Warehousing and Distribution

JET constantly invests in the warehouse resources to provide cross-border and high quality services to meet your logistics needs. We possess 5 large-scale logistics centers in Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai, offering unique cross-border warehousing and distribution services. By understanding and anticipating your logistics needs, Jet’s warehousing experts plan and implement bespoke warehousing and distribution solution that are most efficient and value-added to your business.

We employ digital warehousing management system to provide just-in-time management of the inventory and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the warehousing operation. You can also monitor your stocks through the online platform of our system on a real-time basis, allowing you the flexibility to forecast demand and simplify inventory flow and management, thereby reducing inventory costs.

Besides our proven security system and operation, we also have warehouse security specialists to customise the best security system for your cargo and have dedicated storage areas for vulnerable and valuable items.

Macau Storage 澳門倉庫

Various Types of Warehouse We Offer:

  • General storage

  • A/C storage (18℃)

  • Cold storage (0-4℃)

  • Frozen storage (-20℃)

  • Highly secured storage

Our Complete Range of Services Includes:

  • Loading and unloading

  • Picking and Packing

  • Computerizing in and out of cargo with bar-codes

  • Cargo Sorting, inspection and distribution

  • Stock taking and digital inventory management

  • Operational and accounting reporting

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